Jeffrey Schwartz

Jeff's experience in recovery & extensive 12-Step participation gives him a unique understanding of addiction & invaluable insight into effective treatments.

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Facing an addiction takes tremendous Courage — you should be proud of this decision!

You are not alone and I can help you get your life back.

Working with ACT Counseling & Education, I provide quality, non-judgmental and effective treatment for drug/alcohol addiction.

I have a Master degree in Addiction Counseling and I am a licensed associate substance abuse counselor in the state of Arizona.


I specialize in treating drug & alcohol addiction in a safe & confidential setting. I provide both group & individual services, & I work with adults of all ages. My services include intensive outpatient group therapy, individual counseling, & relapse prevention & after care. I also work with spouses during the treatment process. I have a profound understanding of addiction -- & I can help you to turn this around, get your life back, & find happiness, joyousness, & freedom.

I offer an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program consisting of 24 group sessions, 3 evenings a week. Again, this includes 1 weekly session for spouses. Relapse prevention group takes place twice weekly, & I am available for individual therapy throughout the week.

Is your spouse frustrated with your drug or alcohol use? Would you like to have a better life? ACT now -- & together, we will create a customized program that will help you reach your therapeutic goals!


CALL NOW (623) 223-7916

Two valley locations (Glendale and Scottsdale)

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Yelp & Google Plus Reviews

"I am grateful for the courteous and professional…care…[&] I felt that my needs where exceedingly met.”
Ricardo S.
Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff was amazing. He really made the [experience] for me. He is very caring, supportive & truly cares about each & every one of his clients. This [treatment was] eye opening. I recommend…to anyone who finds themselves in this unfortunate situation of needing…treatment. "
Sheldon H.

"Best experience I have had trying to deal will with my DUI…Jeff was awesome.?"
Michael S.

"Great experience, very helpful & kind, great source for help. Keep up the good work. thank you."
Fernando G.

"Jeff was the one who did my screening & was extremely relatable…[&] overall just a great guy. I thought the process would be awkward & that the people working there would be judge-mental, it was quite the opposite. Jeff had a positive attitude & was very open about his past. He gave great advice on a personal level as well as advice about the courts and the MVD. Hopefully I never end up in a situation where I need to use [these] resources again, but if I ever do, I will go back here."
Brent N.
Tempe, AZ

"Great experience…I would recommend…to anyone."
Dallon B.
Phoenix, AZ

" It was eye opening & I would recommend it for anyone."
Elizabeth E.
Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff made me feel comfortable to speak with him in regards to my difficult times. He gave me several reference that I will be reaching out to soon. I hope to accomplish many things with additional [services]."
Jennie C.
Glendale, AZ

"Jeff was really helpful in…group [treatment]. I learned a couple things about myself…& I would recommend this place to anyone…Thank you so much.”
Leeze C.
Phoenix, AZ

"Facilitator Jeff did an amazing job & played a vital role in my recovery."
Bryant K.
Phoenix, AZ

"Jeff…[is] amazing! [He’s]…down to earth & helped me out in a time of confusion. Totally amazed at the warmth & kindness &…ability to get me to look deeper. No judgements were made & [he] helped me onto the road to a much happier outlook on life. Do not hesitate, this is the real deal! "
Soral K.
Phoenix, AZ

"Very professional & provided me with the…expertise that I needed. Highly Recommend."
John A.
Tolleson, AZ

"Jeff was a huge help [& he] made me realize that there's more to life than drinking…& that…everyone goes through trouble sometimes [in] life, [& that] everyone…has a chance to change."
Anthony P.
Long Beach, CA

"I have been coming [for treatment] for about 4 months, & in the beginning let's just say I wasn't too happy about coming. At the end when I was done, I didn't even want to leave. Jeff is…a really cool counsellor, made everything [much] better. A+"
Jorge V.
Phoenix, AZ

"Jeffrey is…a true professional very down to earth & easy to talk to."
Simon B.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Jeff is amazing! Would recommend to anyone regardless of your level of addiction or even if you don't believe you are an addict, it's very insightful & mind opening!"
Jessica O.
Surprise, AZ